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Ever had that feeling that something was wrong, but you don’t exactly know what? You’re in the right place.
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For the whole year, I've been tweeting and collecting UI/UX tips. I end up with more than 120+ of them.

Not all of them were good, some were controversial, some were opinionated. I removed the worse and compiled the rest in 100 tips book.

I tried to provide some external resources that are related to the tip or that provide some proof.

PDF, 30 MB, 108 pages.
Book Cover
Typography 13 tips
How to make your text shine
Forms 16 tips
Master your forms
Validation 4 tips
Make it valid
Landing Pages 9 tips
Avoid typical mistakes
Usability 13 tips
Make it usable
Visuals 16 tips
Because aesthetics matter
Empty States 6 tips
Can be a bit tricky
User Attention6 tips
How to control it
Navigation 7 tips
How to properly structure it
Misc 19 tips
Random stuff
A hundred concise UI/UX tips
Each tip takes exactly one page
Most of them are illustrated
Around 60 external links for additional research
Bonus: a spreadsheet with all my design tweets (including threads)
PDF, 30 MB, 108 pages.
If you have a toggle password icon, don’t just put it above the input using position absolute. It might interfere with password managers.
Tip sample
Instead, you should make a separate area for the icon. This area doesn’t belong to the input but it should visually look like a part of the input.
Tip sample
Simon Høiberg
I've been following Victor for quite a while and remember him posting all these UI/UX tips. What I can say is that you don't need a design degree to make decent interfaces. Especially if you are bootstrapped founder and don't have money for a designer. This book might help you much with that.
Simon Høiberg
Adrian Twarog
Learning UI can be tricking, but seeing and understanding tips like these can help you level up, I enjoyed reading this book, lots of wisdom that took me years to learn here.
Adrian Twarog
Mads Brodt
This book is seriously impressive. It features tons of high quality, actionable UI/UX tips with visual "do's and don'ts" to help you design and build awesome applications - even if you're not a designer yourself. Victor has packaged everything together neatly without any fluff, so I highly recommend picking up this book to level up your practical design skills.
Mads Brodt
Dimitri Ivashchuk
What I liked about this book is that it's easy to read. I'm a Frontend Engineer and sometimes it takes ages for me to make UI looks good. Among these tips, I found quite a few that I hadn't thought about earlier.
Dimitri Ivashchuk

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